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 English Grammar Lessons: Grammar explanations and examples will definitely help you to learn English clearly. Through them, you can increase your Grammar knowledge if you start exercising.

I am making a guide for you called English grammar Lessons as part of this blog. By following this you can definitely improve your English proficiency further.

You start the practice by clicking on one of the subjects you are posting below.

English grammar Lessons
English Grammar Lessons

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English Grammar Lessons


Pronouns are very important for the English language. These are words that replace nouns. Naturally, pronouns have different forms for the different ways we use them. So it is imperative to have an understanding of Pronouns.

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Possessives in English are forms used to talk about assets and relationships between objects and persons. They depend on different forms. Must also have a full understanding of these.

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Verb adjectives in English are words that we use to give more information about a verb. They are used in a word (laughing, here, there) or in phrases (at home, in a few hours, for a while) and often in verbs such as how, where, when or how often something happens or happens. And they have other uses as well.

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Nouns in English are words that name people, places, or objects, but they also refer to thoughts and other abstract objects. You also need to be aware of Nouns.

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In the English language, verbs speak of words or things that describe an action. They are called verbs in a variety of forms depending on their subjects, the time they represent and the other thoughts we want to express. Awareness of these is extremely important.

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Q: Why learn English?

A: English is the most widely spoken language in the world today! Any information required is only available in English.

Q: Do you need fluency in English?

A: Must have a grip. The more proficient we are in English, the more useful it will be.


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