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What Is an Interrogative Pronoun?

In English, the Interrogative Pronoun is used as a pronoun used to easily ask questions. In particular, there are five Interrogative Pronouns. Each can also be used to ask a specific question or an indirect question. Refers only to certain people, such as "who" and "whom," Can also be used to refer to objects or people.

What are the Interrogative Pronoun
What are the Interrogative Pronoun

List of interrogative pronouns

Five of the most commonly used Interrogative Pronouns in English are used. They are who, whom, whose, what, and which. Generally, longer forms of these words ending in -ever are also used: whoever, whomever, whosever, whatever, and whichever. Interrogative Pronouns can be used nicely in English grammar to emphasize or express these variations. All of these pronouns are applied and acted upon as singular or plural words, depending on what they refer to.










Who and whom

Who and whom are used to ask questions in English, where the answer is aimed at one person.


Whose Interrogative Pronoun is used in English to ask questions about assets, ownership, or relationship?


What is used to ask a question where the answer is expected to be an object or abstract concept.

What is an Interrogative Pronoun in English is used to ask questions about people or objects? Examples:

What do you want for dinner?

I wonder what we’re doing tomorrow.

What is your friend’s name?

What time are we supposed to be there?


Which is used to ask questions where there are multiple choices or possibilities as to what the answer could be.

Which in English is an Interrogative Pronoun - used to ask questions about people or objects. Examples:

Which color do you prefer?

Which of these ladies is your mother?

She asked which train to take.

Which seat would you like?

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Examples of interrogative pronouns

Let’s look at how we use each of the interrogative pronouns in sentences.
Who and whom
Who took the towel?
Who will win the championship?
Who is an Interrogative Pronoun in English - used to ask questions about people. Examples:
Who is that?
Who was driving the car?
The suspense was over who would be at the party.
Who is going to take out the trash?
Whom did you give the key to?
Whom did the police suspect of the crime?
The interrogative pronoun Whom in the English language is very rare these days, but when it does appear, it is used to ask questions about people. Examples:
Whom did you speak to?
Whom do you prefer to vote for?
You should ask whom to call.
Whom do you live with?

I found this purse. Whose is this?
There are shoes by the door. Whose are they?
Look at that big house over there. Whose is it?
An interrogative pronoun called Whose in English grammar is always used to ask questions about people or objects related to possession. Examples:
Whose sweater is this?
Whose parents are those?
I wonder whose dog dropped our trash can.
Whose phone is that?

What is love?
What are those flowers called?
What are we going to do?

Which of these cookies do you want?
She either cleaned her room or she didn’t. Which is it?
We can go to the beach or the National park. Which feels more fun?

Examples of Interrogative Pronouns

Sentences with interrogative pronouns are always questions, so they always end with a question mark. In the following examples, interrogative pronouns are italicized for ease of identification.
What do you want for your birthday?
Which shirt looks best on me?
Who do you think will win the playoff game?
To whom are you speaking?
Whose socks are those?
Who won the football match?
Whom shall we ask when we get there?
Whose did they take?
Which is the greater?
What is that you have made?

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