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 What is a reciprocal pronoun?

Reciprocal Pronouns examples: In English grammar, the pronoun is used interchangeably as a pronoun. Mutual pronouns are used to refer to a situation in which someone or something takes an action and receives the same action in return.

Reciprocal Pronouns
Reciprocal Pronouns
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List of reciprocal pronouns

Most style guides in the English language consider only two mutual pronouns and both have two words. These reciprocal pronouns are given below:

 each other

 one another


Examples of reciprocal pronouns

Let us see how we can use interrelationships to express mutual pronouns in sentences.

Each other

Romeo and Juliet love each other.

Cricket coaches talked to each other about strategy.

The chimpanzees shared food with each other.

One another

Board members congratulate each other on the company’s successful quarter.

While baking bread for dinner, guests joked with each other.

Elephants are herds, herds, to protect each other.

Examples of Reciprocal Pronouns

Mutual pronouns in the English language help to prevent repetition in sentences. The following examples illustrate how to use mutual pronouns for ease of identification.
Lalitha and Chowdary gave each other gold rings on their wedding day.
Lalitha and Chowdary kissed each other at the end of the ceremony.
Ramesh and Bhimesh were talking to each other in the hallway.
My neighbors hate each other.
They have distributed gifts to each other.
Why do they fight one another?
We can’t talk to each other.
My sisters love one another very much.
They asked each other about their problems.
Dogs are barking by seeing each other.
Geeta and Seeta have helped one another.
They love each other very much.
Both of my friends hate each other.
Many prisoners were fighting with one another.
We gave a hug to each other.
They never believe each other.
Why do gangsters fight one another?
Students were calling each other for help.
They are buying clothes for one another.
Why do they never help each other?

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