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 Reflexive Pronouns with examples: Reflexive pronouns in English grammar include words such as self, you, him, himself, himself, us, yourself, and themselves. A person or object can be re-represented. We often use reflexive pronouns when the subject and object of the verb are identical.

Reflexive Pronouns with examples
Reflexive Pronouns with examples
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Reflexive Pronouns

A reflexive pronoun is a specific pronoun in English. It is used when referring to the object of a verb with the same noun as the subject of that verb.

What Is a Reflexive Pronoun?

A reflexive pronoun in English is a type of pronoun that refers to an adjective, which is naturally used before a pronoun or noun.

In English grammar, the reflexive pronoun refers to the perceived action of a verb. The following examples of reflexive pronouns and a list of reflexive pronouns will help you to better understand the English language. In fact, you may often use reflexive pronouns when you speak or write.

List of reflexive pronouns:











 Grammar explanation

Reflexive pronouns in English grammar include words such as self, you, oneself, oneself, oneself, us, yourself, and themselves. They refer back to a person or object.

We often use reflexive pronouns in English grammar when the subject or object of the verb is the same.

I hope you enjoy the party to the fullest tonight!

My phone is not working properly. It switches itself off for no reason.

We need to believe in ourselves more.

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Direct Object

I got hurt trying to fix my dad's car.

You sent yourself another Valentine, didn't you?

Jack introduced himself to the parents of his girlfriend.

Mary walked to school alone for the first time last week.

The bug was found trapped in another screen enclosure.

One must make sure if he intends to drive on city streets.

We berated ourselves for not getting to the concert earlier.

They blame themselves for the accident, but they had nothing to do with it.

The choir practiced to exhaustion.

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Indirect Object

I tried to stay away from that third piece of cake, but I couldn't help it.
You should not repair the air conditioning unit yourself.
Brian offered to drive me to Boston himself, but I couldn't see him bothering him like that.
Little Sara tried to reach the bucket herself, but the shelf was too high.
The alligator ate the big bird and felt quite full.
One should always brush daily or risk finding yourself in the dentist's chair.
Our band played another crowd-favorite song and we found ourselves getting a standing ovation.
They need to hurry up and get some water before the race.
The crowd of backup actors cheered the movie star and were in awe of her grace and style.

An object of the Preposition

I don't like being alone on stormy nights after watching a scary movie.
You think of yourselves very highly, don't you?
Jerry was very pleased with himself as he admired his handiwork.
Susan really had to dig deep within herself to get to that poem.
The dragonfly was in a confrontation between itself and the bullfrog.
One should not think of oneself as a bad example and never try to improve.
The renegade group of outlaws robbed the bank to see for themselves if it could be done.

Examples of Reflexive Pronouns

Find the Reflexive pronouns in the following sentences and place them in the comment box. I will mention you in the next post.

See the following examples of reflexive pronouns in the English language, find the reflexive pronoun in each sentence.
I'm in a hurry, so I wash the car myself.
You will need to drive yourself to school today.
He wanted to impress her, so he brought himself a cake as a gift.
Jennifer does her own thing because she does not believe others will do them right.
That car was in a class.
We don’t have to go out; We can fix the dinner ourselves.
You are too young to go out on your own.
The actors saved money by making their own costumes and selling them.
Examples of reflexive pronouns are in sentences
Yesterday she cut her hair herself.
You must complete your assignments and submit them yourself tomorrow.
We completed this whole space in a few weeks.
They set up all the facilities themselves.
The cat himself crosses the road.
I told him to stay away from these bad habits.
We can celebrate ourselves here without any hassles.
Today he is driving this car to go to school.
This classroom is designed to illuminate itself as needed.
You are too young to do this yourself.
The car adjusts according to the season.
I had to leave for camp immediately, so I chose to drive myself.
Uncle John prepares his own meal.
They did not need to call the plumber, and they fixed the leaks themselves.
This expensive sports car is a class in itself.
My family saves money by painting the walls ourselves.
Please do not cut yourself with the knife you are holding in your hands. Be careful
He seized it when the opportunity arose.
The whole society decided to protect themselves from pollution.

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