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 Relative Pronouns with Examples

What Is a Relative Pronoun?

Before learning how to use Relative Pronouns in English grammar, it is important to have a precise definition of what they are. Relative Pronouns are used to associate a phrase or phrase with a noun or pronoun. The most common Relative Pronouns are words like who, whose, whom, which, what, that, and so on. Sometimes, when and where are used as relative pronouns in the English language as well.

Relative Pronouns with Examples
Relative Pronouns with Examples

 Relative Pronoun




 In English the words I, she, he, we, they are used for individuals

 My husband smashed the car door mirrors.


 shows possession or relationship

 This is the boy whose Books I borrowed.


 replaces object pronouns like me, her, him

 The man whom they found was sent Police Station.


 The term Which is used for objects and animals according to Relative Pronouns

 The Lorri's, which were waiting Company outside, were ready for shipment.


 The term that is used for people and objects

 The Duck bank that was on my table got broken.

How to Use Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns in English grammar are placed directly after the modified noun or pronoun. Since these terms describe a noun or pronoun, they are also called adjective rules because they act as adjectives in the sentence.

  • The Auto driver who ran the stop sign was careless.
  • Our children, whom we love dearly, need a better education system.
  • Never go to a doctor who has plants dead on the hospital premises.
  • I have a best friend, the cat next to him is annoying.
  • Now all the information you need is hidden in the unpublished book.
  • This is a great book that everyone is talking about.

When and Where as Relative Pronouns

Relative pronouns such as occasional, when, and where are also used as relative pronouns in English grammar. As a relative pronoun, sentences are used in conjunction with words such as when introducing terms describing a noun denoting a time and where a place is. See some different sentence examples.
  • Grandmother remembers a time when radio shows were very popular in those days.
  • She remembered the day when they met.
  • The office where I work is in this building on the 3rd Floor.
  • I want to visit the island where our saleswoman, our older brother was born.

Relative Pronouns Examples

Relative Pronouns Examples are in the following sentences. The relative pronoun is used in each example.
  • The pants I bought yesterday were already wet.
  • The four-team leaders, whoever the committee chooses, will be at tomorrow's meeting.
  • Spaghetti, which we eat at least twice a week, is one of my family's favorite foods.
  • Where did you buy the clothes you wore last week?
  • The book, when finally given back, was torn and stained.
  • The corner shop where we usually buy art supplies burned to the ground.
  • The man who came out of the hospital was Gerald.
  • The woman I spoke to on the phone was Liz.
  • The dog in the pool is the Golden Retriever.
  • Driving was difficult as the fog was thick.
  • The malt shake was delicious.
  • The candle on my table went out.

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